Leadership to bring more justice and uphold the rule of law

Building the rule of law remains as important as it is challenging. Leadership undoubtedly plays a crucial role.

Justice Leadership

Claudia Paz y Paz

Former Attorney General, Guatemala

Former Attorney General of Guatemala. Paz y Paz was the first woman in her country to assume this position. She is a respected criminal law specialist and judge.

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Diego García-Sayán

Former Minister of Justice and former President and Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Former Minister of Justice and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, former President and Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

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Athaliah Molokomme

Former Attorney General, Botswana

Former Attorney General of the Republic of Botswana, first woman in the country to hold that position. She is strongly committed to gender equality.

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Salaheddin Al-Bashir

Former Minister of Justice, and Chairman of the Board the Justice Center for Legal Aid, Jordan

Former Minister in the Jordanian Government, Al-Bashir is also the Founder and Senior Partner of IBLAW (the International Business Legal Associates).

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Kalthoum Kennou

Judge at the Court of Cassation, Tunisia

Judge at the Court of Cassation, Former chairwoman of the Association of Tunisian Judges (AMT).

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Willy Mutunga

Former Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court, Kenya

Kenyan lawyer, intellectual, and reform activist. He is a Senior Counsel of the Kenyan Bar and former Chair of the Law Society of Kenya.

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Tharcisse Karugarama

Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Rwanda

Rwandan politician with a long working career with governments, UN agencies and NGOs.

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Sang-Hyun Song

Former President International Criminal Court, Republic of Korea

Former President of the International Criminal Court, President UNICEF/ Korea, Former Professor at Seoul National University Law School, Co-Founder of Legal Aid Center for Women.

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Siri S. Frigaard

Former Chief Prosecutor, Norway

Former Chief Prosecutor of Norway and former Director of the Norwegian National Authority for Prosecution of Organised and Other Serious Crime.

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Ernst Hirsch Ballin

Former Minister of Justice, The Netherlands

Former Minister in the Dutch government, professor at Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam, member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy.

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