In this section you will find publications and articles to download on justice leadership and the rule of law

Justice Leader Willy Mutunga starring in VPRO documentary ‘Justice for all’

A VPRO Tegenlicht documentary was made about building rule of law, in which Willy Mutunga features in his capacity as Chief Justice of Kenya and as member of the Justice Leadership Group. How to make justice more affordable and accessible for the people in Kenya, by creating a network of apps and juridicial volunteers. (Click here for the Dutch version and access in the Netherlands)


Responsive and Responsible: Politically Smart Rule of Law Reform in Conflict and Fragile States

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) joined forces to put the role of politics at front and centre and examine how it can be included in rule of law practice. As a result, the report entitled: ‘Responsive and Responsible: Politically Smart Rule of Law Reform in Conflict and Fragile States’ by Richard Sannerholm, Shane Quinn and Andrea Rabus was published in 2016.


How to Scale ‘Justice Entrepreneurship’ and Improve Global Leadership

"It’s time for a new deal on justice. Responsible leadership involving government, business, and civil society can make it happen." Read the article by Sam Muller published in the Huffington Post on 17 January 2017.


Judges who do their job are Africa’s hope

"What is at stake in another continent? Correspondent Koert Lindijer looks at courageous judges who can get the corrupt political class into line." Read the translated version of "Rechters die hun werk doen zijn Afrika's beste hoop", published in Dutch news paper NRC on 5 January 2017.


Courageous leadership is essential to protect the Rule of Law in Africa

Cheryl Frank, Programme Manager, Transnational Threats and International Crime Division, ISS Pretoria and Anton du Plessis, Deputy Executive Director, ISS, emphasize the importance of courageous leadership to protect the rule of law in Africa. "For the rule of law to work, much more is required than good legislation and functioning institutions of justice and accountability."