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Is Botswana the Miracle of Africa? Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights Versus Economic Development

Bostwana is one of the African countries that succeeded in reaching a wealthy economy and political stability. However the question of Human Rights has been left aside. Amelia Cook and Jeremy Sarkin give an academic analysis of the way in which Rule of Law developments in Botswana turned the country around for the better to some extent.


The justice innovation approach

How Justice Sector Leaders in Development Contexts Can Promote Innovation

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Building the rule of law and establishing accountability for atrocities in the aftermath of conflict

In the aftermath of 21st century conflicts, the failure to focus on the rule of law is recognised. Some strategies must be implemented to fill this gap. In an academic article, Louis Aucoin identifies some hallmarks of Rule of Law and related strategies of implementation.


The elders

Strategic framework 2014-2017 document that reflects the leadership vision, mission, goals and strategies of The Elders.

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