About Us (old)

The Justice Leadership Group represents decades of success-yielding experience, in different positions and roles, in building, improving and sustaining rule of law.

The Justice Leadership Group is an independent non-profit organisation that was founded in The Hague (the Netherlands) in 2015, with support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague. It does not seek to make profit and has organised its work in a networked, agile way.

The Justice Leadership Group strives for strong societies in which the rule of law thrives, with audacious, inspiring and independent justice leaders leading effective, accountable and inclusive institutions. We envision a world in which equal access to justice for all is secured.

The objective of the foundation is to promote and support justice leadership, to bring about positive, tangible change in legal systems and strengthen the rule of law, inter alia by engaging with governments and justice leaders, by developing knowledge and organising workshops and conferences.

We are looking for partners who want to help us make a difference. If you are interested please contact our Director, Tobijn de Graauw, at tobijn.degraauw@justiceleaders.org and +31 (0)707620700.

The Justice Leadership Group is a charitable foundation under Dutch law. The Dutch Tax Authorities granted the Justice leadership Group the ANBI status, approving it as public benefit organisation. Therefore gifts and one-time donations to the Justice Leadership Group are deductible from taxable income taxes.

Our supervisory board members receive no financial compensation for their efforts. The members of the Justice Leadership Group also do not receive any remuneration. The supervisory board determines remuneration for the members of the executive board, which is in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Research Institutes 2015. The executive board shall be reimbursed for reasonable costs related to the performance of their duties.

A summary of the Financial Report 2015-2016 can be found here. More detailed information can be provided on request.

For confidentiality and security reasons the foundation does not publish detailed reports of its activities. For more information about recent and upcoming activities and our policy plan you can contact our Director, Tobijn de Graauw, who is at your disposal to provide additional information.

Chamber of Commerce: 63673665
RSIN: 8553.47.363
Fiscal name: Stichting Justice Leadership
IBAN: NL23TRIO0390977330


Tobijn de Graauw – Director


Tharcisse Karugarama – Chair
Former Minister of Justice and former Attorney General of Rwanda

Stephen Denyer – Vice Chair
Head of City and International at The Law Society of England & Wales

Rachel Kleinfeld
Senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Athaliah Molokomme
Former Attorney General of the Republic of Botswana

Jin Ho Verdonschot
Co-founder of the Justice Leadership Foundation and Managing Director Justix GmbH/HelloLaw GmbH/Jurofoon B.V.