How We Can Help

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The Justice Leaders have served at the highest level and have first-hand experience of what it takes to transform justice systems so they better meet the needs of people, societies, and economies. We know that delivering meaningful reform is tough and that justice leadership can often be a lonely job.

That’s why we work to support Ministers of Justice, Chief Justice, Attorneys General, senior public officials, and others at the forefront of trying to improve a society’s ability to provide justice for all. Much of our help is provided in private working with national justice leaders or building collaborations between small groups of countries. But we also promote justice leadership globally as part of the movement to promote justice for all.

Our services are bespoke - designed to meet the needs of a justice leader - but they fall into three broad categories: dialogues within countries, exchanges between justice leaders, and global platforms for justice leadership. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can assist you.

National Justice Dialogues

We create safe spaces for justice leaders to explore challenges, create people-centred strategies, and build coalitions for change.

In our experience, a justice transformation begins when partners come together - in a safe space - to examine the unmet need to justice and explore innovative strategies for preventing and responding to justice problems.

National Justice Dialogues bring together national changemakers for a couple of hours or half a day - either as one-off or a series. We convene, bring first-hand experience, and provide ongoing advice and support.

Leader-to-Leader Exchange

We bring together leaders from a small group of like-minded countries to explore common challenges and exchange experiences.

Ministers and other justice leaders face many shared challenges, especially in countries from the same region. We arrange confidential and informal sessions for small groups of ministers to learn from their peers and to explore the potential for cross-border collaboration.

This can also be an opportunity to seek support from regional and international organisations, and to build links to regional and global frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Leadership and Collaboration

We build political support for people-centered justice within the international system - and highlight the role justice plays in tackling other urgent challenges.

The world’s health ministers meet regularly through the World Health Assembly, G20, and other fora, but justice ministers do not have the same opportunities to work together at an international level.

Working with the growing alliance for people-centred justice, we create global platforms for leaders to make the case for investment and innovation to prevent and solve justice problems and to highlight the importance of justice systems to sustainable development.