Welcome, honourable Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin!

April 06, 2021

We are delighted to welcome the honourable Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin as a new member of the Justice Leaders.

Justice in a Pandemic report: third briefing in a series examining the role of justice sectors in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

July 02, 2021

New report that focuses on the role of justice in combating the negative social impacts of the pandemic.

Justice leaders set priorities for people-centred justice

April 02, 2021

A ministerial meeting held on April 14 concluded in a joint letter to the UN Secretary-General, as input into Our Common Agenda report.

Statement On Malawi

June 22, 2020

The Justice Leaders have issued a statement on the decision of the government of Malawi to effectively force Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda into retirement

The demand for justice grows

June 03, 2020

In an OpEd of June 17, we called on ministers who are responsible for justice in every country to stand together at this time of crisis.

A Call to Action from Former Ministers, Attorneys-General, and Senior Judges: “Justice Leadership in a Pandemic”

April 30, 2020

On April 29, we issued a call for action. The question in front of us is: how are we going to make the emerging movement towards people-centred justice bigger, stronger, more effective?