Statement On Malawi

The Justice Leaders have issued a statement on the decision of the government of Malawi to effectively force Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda into retirement

Justice Task Force set up

Sam Muller, CEO of HiiL and former Chairman of the Executive Board of the Justice Leadership Group, on the launch of an International Task Force on Justice in Buenos Aires.

SDG target 16.3 requires system changes

How can we develop a better functioning justice market that involves government, civil society, and the private sector in ways that produce both innovation and solutions at scale? This was the key question addressed at a Justice Dialogue held in the Peace Palace in December 2017

Will the Kenyan elite ever grow up?

Former Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court in Kenya, Willy Mutunga, has written about the Kenyan judiciary and the country’s elite. His article, “Will the Kenyan elite ever grow up”, was published by The Star on 16 September 2017.