Claudia Paz y Paz becomes Justice Leader Emeritus

Claudia Paz y Paz, founding member of the Justice Leadership Group, steps down and becomes Justice Leader Emeritus

Claudia Paz y Paz, member of the Justice Leadership Group since its founding in 2015, steps down, as she has been appointed Secretary for Multidimensional Security for the Organization of American States (OAS). Her drive, courage and commitment to justice have inspired all members of the Group and will continue to do so, as she embarks on her next endeavour.

Paz y Paz: “It has been a great honour to be a member of the Justice Leadership Group. The valuable work of the Group to promote and support justice leadership is very important for the advancement of the rule of law and the strengthening of judicial independence. I hope that we can continue to work together in the future”.

Although she will be missed as one of the founding members, Paz y Paz will continue to inspire the Justice Leadership Group as Justice Leader Emeritus.

As Secretary for Multidimensional Security, Paz y Paz will promote and coordinate cooperation among the OAS member states and the inter-American system as well as with other bodies in the international system in order to assess, prevent, confront and respond effectively to threats to security. Claudia Paz y Paz served as Guatemala’s first female Attorney General and was Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2013.