Justice Leader Allyson Maynard-Gibson at the Global Week for Justice

During the Global Week for Justice (1-8 December 2021), Allyson Maynard-Gibson moderated the Global Dialogue of Justice Leaders: “Transforming justice for a vibrant social contract”. The conversation brought together a diverse group of justice ministers for about 2 hours to discuss how justice systems can provide a platform for people-centered justice and integrated approaches to justice in support of the social contract, trust and democratic values.

At the center of the discussion was the intention to explore how justice systems can:

  • Develop an integrated and interdisciplinary justice response to present and future global crises.
  • Increase trust and accountability by promoting the adoption of open government principles across the justice system.
  • Enable justice systems to contribute to a vibrant social contract and reinforce democratic values by putting people at the center of justice.