Justice leaders set priorities for people-centred justice

A ministerial meeting held on April 14 concluded in a joint letter to the UN Secretary-General, as input into Our Common Agenda report. Additionally, the meeting served as the stepping stone to launch the Justice Action Coalition (JAC), a group of countries committed to working together to advance the realisation of SDG16, with a focus on providing access to justice for all.

In response, we organised a Justice Leaders Summit on 29 April to acknowledge the call from ministers to put people at the centre of justice and to put justice at the heart of efforts to reimagine the social contract in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the high-level meeting was to explore ambitious and concrete steps to translate the commitment to people-centred justice into action. 

The summit resulted in a letter and communiqué where we identified four priorities for implementation:

  • Develop platforms to gather and share knowledge of people’s justice problems and what works to prevent or solve these problems.
  • Invest in innovative delivery models that can respond to the unmet need for justice of hundreds of millions of people.
  • Create an enabling environment to make game-changing innovations to scale.
  • Build a platform for justice leadership.

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